Brand Researcher / Research Analyst

We are looking for a Brand Researcher with 1 -2 years of work experience in market research for brands to join our growing team at Studio 318 India, Hyderabad.

Your job at Studio 318 would entail :

  • Creating frameworks for research and positioning methods
  • Setting the overall strategy for the project
  • Designing, facilitating and participating in client workshops
  • Designing, facilitating and participating in internal workshops
  • Ensuring alignment between project objectives and the research
  • Creating timelines for the project lifecycle
  • Conducting User research. Collecting data using a variety of methods, such as  interviews with users/stakeholders, competitive analysis, online surveys and  focus groups
  • Framing the insights of user research (personas, archetypes, customer journey maps, mental models, etc.)
  • Framing the positioning of the brand
  • Being a project lead and communicating with the client
  • Ensuring the strategy set is tied to the visuals of the brand
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