Design Dialogue

Ideas go Duelling

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Driven by the enthusiasm of young architects, design dialogue is destined to provide its clients with elegance, class and comfort. Our challenge was to create a design identity that reflected their wide range of experience in architecture including interior design, construction administration, through furnishing and styling. Additionally, we rebranded their web presence to emphasise on their core ideology- dialogue and collaboration with clients.


Following a comprehensive briefing and numerous workshops with Design Dialogue and understanding the needs of the brand, we came up with the primary visual identity as a manifestation of the core value of – harmonising a simplistic design approach while keeping the client's needs at the foundation of it. As with the projects that Design Dialogue ventures into, the logo possesses a subtle element of surprise as a result the D in the word Dialogue was flipped to make it look like an open and closed quotation mark. Keeping in with the vision of the brand. The use of clean geometric shapes and lines add a dynamism to the extended visual language, reflecting the youthful and dynamic nature of the team and the design aesthetic that it represents. Keeping in line with the brand's belief that every project has its own story, the design is derived from both the client's needs and the team's expertise. This is encapsulated beautifully in the tagline – ‘ideas go duelling’.


Rachana Kari

Shaaz Adam


Brand Identity

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