Gender at Work India

Inclusive, Intersectional and Institutional Change

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The multifaceted universe poses multifaceted challenges ranging from unequal social & economic capital and the imbalance in power dynamics. This begins with trying to convey our values & works on digital platform, convincing people in power to use it to facilitate change, to alter the D & I goals of institutions to make them more inclusive and giving them tools to realise those goals. Another challenge is to maintain the momentum of the revolution which depends on all variables involved. G@WI’s work doesn’t end at a workshop or a seminar, it reoccurs to make sure the the change is being practiced and momentum is continued.


The change in the case of G@WI isn’t the goal or a destination, it is the journey – also because the vastness of the challenge. But the blueprint of change would be to have various institutions, public & private, preach & practice about intersectional gender inclusion with changes in policies, reservations based on D & I & revising codes of conduct.


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