Lotus Hospitals

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Year of Completion :


We were to reposition the brand to convey the added services catering to a newer target audience while retaining the existing brand value and trust.


Studio 318 was tasked to re-evaluate the existing brand perception and redirect the audiences to Lotus Hospitals for all their medical needs as a young family. We identified and established the brand story of the Founder, Dr. V. S. V. Prasad, who founded the hospital to make global standard medical care accessible to all. From there emerged the brand philosophy of being empathetic, which we translated through the main positioning line, tagline, and design language.The identity, branded illustrations, and imagery conveyed a story of health and happiness, giving Lotus Hospitals a more human appeal of — ‘your family doctor.’

The first step in the design process was establishing an identity that added more value than the previously used lotus flower. Knowing that the target audience had now changed to a young couple starting a family, we conjured a logomark that was an abstract representation of a couple holding hands, with a heart cradled in their embrace, representing the child. The iconography stemmed from this, denoting different services and who they pertained to. The brand extension was further evolved into illustrations that showed different scenarios in the life of a happy family. Keeping in line with the brand messaging, the imagery was to also not focus on illness but be warm, uplifting, and reassuring. From designing the patient files to wayfinding to website design, we touched upon all the aspects of how the audiences would come in contact with the brand and solved real problems with each touchpoint.


Rachana Kari

Sakshi Kedia

Vinay Pittampally 

Vishnu Mallela

Laura Rejo


Anutosh Chaudhari - Web Developer

Brand Strategy


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