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To position Mile as an activewear brand that is age agnostic and makes designs that are closet classics to appeal to the minimalist lifestyle of the women of today, while differentiating itself in a market with established brands catering to Indian body types.


Studio 318 crafted Mile’s brand story around founder Harshita’s journey to create activewear tailored for Indian women, addressing their common grievances and unique body types. It is activewear you can stay active in, whether you’re running chores or doing bicep curls. We worked with the data from surveys and analysis to understand the real needs and desires of Indian women. Built on these insights, Mile’s vision took shape: to create activewear that inspires every Indian woman to embark on their own journey of strength and self-discovery through joyful movement without any hesitations about the size and fit. It led us to the tagline, ’Reintroducing the Fundamentals Of Activewear”as the brand was going to introduce closet staples in solid colours that could be easily mixed and matched to make multiple looks from just a few fits.

Portraying Mile as a supportive elder sibling, Studio 318 developed a communication strategy that resonates with customers as it comes from a place of learning and growth. We conceptualised Mile as a partner in your journey through life’s ups, downs, twists and turns. This emotional territory inspired Mile’s visual identity, a free flowing line. As metaphor for the journey and a companion, the line would flow winding up, down and in loops, always with you. It is subtly included in all brand applications including the logo for instant recognition and connection. Studio 318 suggested featuring real people, with real stories for the photoshoot, showcasing diversity across ages, shapes, and activities. Through this design language rooted in celebrating the sisterhood, Studio 318 established Mile as an essential and comfortable activewear brand prioritising a woman’s core needs and providing activewear that is the answer to all their apprehensions.


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