Weaving Indian tales in the modern context

Year of Completion :


Taavare has been conceived as a brand for women, with embroidery and floral motifs as its distinctive language. We had to conjure up a visual identity that is both clean and elegant yet playful, just as their aesthetics are and have the identity work across all of their brand assets.


The marker was born out of the name Taavare, meaning lotus in Kannada. We designed a contemporary lotus with a geometric feel, in metallic gold. A design approach that resonates with a contemporary traditionalist which forms their target audience. Complementing the graphic with a sans serif typeface that denotes the relaxed and approachable side of the brand’s ethos. The identity took the shape of something that’s a beautiful marriage between Indian wear and modern silhouettes.


Rachana Kari

Anisha B. Reddy

Monika Reddy

Deeksha Raj

Raashika Bammi


Brand Identity

Print Communication

Creative Direction

Social Media