Boutique residential spaces

Year of Completion :


TAR is an infrastructure company located in the heart of hyderabad, with a vision to build high end boutique residentials and developments across India. We were tasked with branding the firm and designing their web page that would best radiate the strong and developing persona of the firm.


TAR, as an infrastructure company, was absolutely clear on bringing in revolutionary solutions to their clients in order to transform their living spaces. Keeping in with the same ideology, we decided that the perception of the brand has to be strong, bold and revolutionary and the branding was done accordingly. The brand identity was designed to spell out TAR in a very abstract manner, the three vertical lines resemble three buildings and the spaces between them resemble a pathway to growth. The tagline– ‘Transform your tomorrow’ was chosen for its simplistic, clear and strong message. For the web page, a hue grey was used throughout, to resemble strength and concrete trust. The imagery was chosen to be sharp and high definition to give out a message of clarity and the grand vision presented by the brand.


Anisha B. Reddy 

Amish Singh


Brand Identity 

Brand Collaterals 

Web Design