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With a surge in indigenous skincare brands in India, 3AM had to be a brand that provided the love, support and comfort of a friend. No false promises, no farce, just clean skincare that works.


Studio 318 had to find a way to communicate the founder’s philosophy and her personal experiences with dermatologists and skincare brands, which led her to create a clean skincare brand that was PETA-certified and used the most potent scientific derivatives of botanical ingredients. 

What came about was an extension of the founder herself in the form of 3 AM, a friend who is a constant in your life, your rock, your motivator, your mirror.

Since the brand was mainly targeted toward young skincare enthusiasts, right from the brand name to the naming strategy of each product carried the same tone of millennial lingo. 

The brand philosophy was to make multi-functional products, declutter your skincare routine, and provide ease of everyday use. So, each product was positioned as an everyday product focused on all the prime benefits and appropriate application, answering questions we all ask ourselves when picking up a new skincare product.

The strategy then goes deeper into identifying the 3 main ingredients and continuing the language of being conversational throughout the unboxing experience.

As the customer goes through the purchase cycle and experiences the brand first-hand, they have already made an association with the brand as their best friend who is on the lookout for them.


Anisha B. Reddy

Rachana Kari

Sakshi Kedia

Raashika Bammi


Vishnu R - Animatio


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Packaging Design