Concrete ideas to living spaces

Year of Completion :


Having received several commendable projects in a short period of time since its inception, AGA was to establish its brand along with its experienced competitors with a strong presence. The client wanted the branding to include characteristics associated with construction.


AGA is an infrastructure company with clean aesthetics and concrete finishes as their preferred style of construction. Through our conversations, we gathered insights only to concise them in the form of a visual identity. A logo that was not just minimal but one that exudes strength and reliability.

Channelling the aesthetic approach of the proprietor, Gopi - we created a structural representation of the letter ‘G’ in grey, giving it a concrete effect. Similar to how a building structure moves from blueprint to brick and mortar, our design transitioned from lines to planes to dimensions.


Rachana Kari

Anisha B. Reddy


Brand Identity

Print Communication