Aurean Eskar

Blueprints to buildings

Year of Completion :


Studio 318 was tasked with the development of an interactive web presence that shed light on the singular objective of the two firms that came together to change the cityscape of Hyderabad.


The team at Studio 318 chose a clean design interface that reflected the client's core value proposition of giving clarity through the process of design, development and deployment.

The flow information architecture was designed to be concise and impactful. The navigation kept extremely intuitive, to help any stakeholder find the right information quickly.

The use of a single typeface — Telegraf, while switching between styles to define hierarchy of information was done to add to the simplicity with which the brand approaches its projects. We used uppercase letters even in the Body Copy to indicate the brand's position as a serious and trustworthy firm that translated ideas to reality.


Anisha B. Reddy

Amish Singh


UI / UX Design