Artisanal chocolate made in India

Year of Completion :


The founders wanted to put the processes in place to deliver a quality cacao product at par with any artisanal chocolatier across the globe. We had to drive the brand story of being an Indian-origin bean-to-bar brand — from sourcing the cacao beans to manufacturing the chocolate while championing the product itself.


The team at Studio 318 worked closely with the founders to establish a visual vibe they wanted to put across through their walk-in chocolate factory. Their mood board reflected a French-inspired Pondicherry villa vibe of white walls contrasted with a bright-mustard yellow while being airy, light, and lined up with many plants.‍

This language was what we kept consistent with the brand while choosing the primary colours - white and yellow- and devising the information architecture on the packaging itself. Since the visual identity was straightforward and paid homage to the beauty of chocolate making, the extension was kept simple. We borrowed colours from flavours as a visual cue to the product while highlighting the importance of being a bean-to-bar chocolate that was handcrafted in India.The name, of course, was an amalgamation of Cacao and Local for a locally produced chocolate. Hence giving birth to - Colocal.


Rachana Kari

Anisha B. Reddy

Sakshi Kedia

Shaaz Adam


Rohit Rao - Photography


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Packaging Design