Dough Mama

It’s all in the crust

Year of Completion :


How to position a F&B brand that made pizzas in a market place that’s drowning with pizza joints and cloud kitchens serving up every possible conceivable version of a pizza.


Studio 318 established early on that the USP of the brand was their flavour-infused crusts. With the positioning being clear, we arrived at the name Dough Mama that brought back focus to the USP while rendering the brand a maternal warmth and care. The brand’s story was based on the life of the main character or Mama who is serving up freshly made hot pizza pies from her ‘around the corner’ kitchen and having fun with her pet chihuahua Gelato, while doing so.

She’s a sassy Mama and the kitchen is her domain. We further supplemented the story with the ingredients coming alive in the kitchen much like in a Disney movie and gave them characteristics of their own — cheesy, fiery, cheeky, cookie and fuzzy.

The logo focused on their chief offering and the brand extensions were a sneak peak into Mama’s colourful life. The conceptual photoshoot further supports that brand’s personality of being cheerful, celebratory and comforting.


Anisha B. Reddy

Sakshi Kedia

Srinidhi Mateti

Sravani Polisetti

Uday Kiran Pole


Sushmitha Tadakamadla - Photographer

Varni - Assistant Photographer


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity System

Character Design

Collateral Design

Packaging Design