Sanjay Gupta

A house of high jewellery from the Nizamian era

Year of Completion :


Sanjay Gupta is an offspring of Tibarumals Jewellers, founded in 1927. With their extrication from the family owned business into an era heralded by Mr. Sanjay Gupta of exquisite jewellery, they wanted to make an identity that would help them identify themselves differently.


Studio 318 conducted extensive research to understand the current audience's perception of the brand. We then used consumer interviews and market research insights to focus on making the brand into the House of Sanjay Gupta. A brand that could be known for its trademark heritage jewellery and also be looked upon as introducing new narratives in the realm of jewellery. 

The branding exudes an imperial appeal of the yesteryear and resonates with the attention to detail that Sanjay Gupta brings to the art of jewellery. The SG insignia resembles the clasp of a necklace and offers the brand a memorable token that can be used in various applications to bring brand recognition. The visual direction is kept in line with the brand’s ability to make the wearer shine more than the diamonds by adding layers of luxury with each print communication collateral. Their online experience through social media channels was strategized to establish the brand as a connoisseur of art and a jewellery historian. A platform to engage, entice and educate the consumer.


Rachana Kari

Sakshi Kedia

Raashika Bammi

Aayush Vyas

Mansi C


Anubhav Sood - Photographer

Ayesha Amin - Stylist

Varsha Gopal & Priyal Shah - Models

Rasika - Hand Model

Shivam Bhati & Sushmitha Tadakamadla - Product Photographers

Brand Strategy


Brand Identity System

Communication Strategy

Collateral Design

Packaging Design

Creative Direction

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Design