A hundred languages of expression

Year of Completion :


Following the footsteps of the Reggio Emilia method of teaching, ‘ekam’, an early learning centre was in search of a brand identity for itself. We were tasked with designing a logo which would best define their ideology.


Following a comprehensive research on Reggio Emilia, Studio 318 came up with a design that best represented the methodology used in the curriculum. Keeping the pedagogy and its philosophy of environment being the third teacher as the centre of approach we designed a circular configuration that represented synergy of the forces of nature.  As an indication of which we used the primary colours of nature- blue, green, red and orange in the design. We used basic shapes to represent the simplistic nature of a child's mind in the early stages of learning. The geometrical shapes that we used, subtly spells out the name EKAM. Considering that the curriculum is built around learning through tangible sources of nature, we gave the brand identity a tactile appeal. As a result, it appears to have been made by a child using coloured chalk. This ties in with the school's emphasis on independent and practical learning as opposed to the pre-mandated syllabi often seen in other pre-schools.


Rachana Kari


Brand Identity