Ideas to realty

Year of Completion :


Eskar was started with a vision to bring new systems based thinking into practice. They are committed to bringing practices that are more technologically adept, futuristic, process driven and transparent; the brand identity had to reflect these values.


Eskar was clear with its offering -  a young real estate company with an aim to bring an organised and systems based approach to real estate by incorporating the latest technologies, innovative tools and best standardised practices in a transparent, sustainable manner. They wanted to position themselves as a young, disciplined, energetic and refined brand. 

We used the tagline, ideas to reality, as the primary concept.  To define something vague turning into something concrete. The word mark is set in a slightly manipulated Geom graphic font to visually translate the brand values; futuristic and technologically adept. A vibrant red was chosen to represent the youthful energy of the brand. 


Anisha B. Reddy

Shaaz Adam


Brand Identity

Print Communication