The new age of water purification

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The Indian water purification market is one dominated by giants for decades. FIN entered the market seeking to challenge the existing status quo with a powerful new technology.


For a new brand to challenge household names such as Kent and Aquaguard, FIN needed to take an unconventional route to make an impact on the minds of their customers. Studio 318 was tasked to build the brand from the ground up, with a strategy focused on challenging the conventional water purifiers at every touchpoint.

We introduced FIN  as ‘The Future of Water Purification.’ FIN as a product brings a new, highly efficient technology to water purification compared to the conventional RO water purifiers available in the market. 

Driven by a noble goal to create a better future, the brand strives for delivering a higher purpose. Revolutionising the way water is purified and revolutionising the way people think, the brand attempts to stay at the forefront of both technology and society. The core philosophy of the brand is rooted in sustainability as the FIN water purifier saves water instead of wasting 3lt like other purifiers during filtration.

The belief that the purest form of drinking water is found in the natural springs. That’s what gave birth to the brand name, FIN - ‘Found In Nature.’

Standing at the cusp of a generational change, our research showed that the primary decision makers today and in the near future would be Millennials. Being early adopters and more accepting of change, we had to make sure that its range of features are easily understood and its benefits easily realised.

The brand language uses a signature gradient with holographic elements representing the first rays of sunlight interacting with water and signalling the coming of a new dawn.

The final part of the strategy was the main platform for the product ,i.e., the website. We broke down FIN’s features, services, and technology into buckets. Mapping the consumers journey through the website, the wireframes were developed ensuring that any information the consumer might need is available easily. The two main CTA’s guiding the user to “Purchase FIN” and “Book a free demo” were placed strategically throughout the website to convert leads into purchases.

Analysing the keywords for FIN keeping in mind its features and strengths, the most effective ones have been identified based on the traffic, competition, and regional use to ensure the website content is completely search engine optimised.


Rachana Kari

Vishnu Mallela

Vinay Pittampally


Rohith Rao - Photographer


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