Sanjay Gupta

Find the jewellery that matches your mood

Year of Completion :


To design a website that encapsulated the warm customer service that the brand offers while still maintaining exclusivity of their jewellery designs.


The team at Studio 318 devised a user-friendly information architecture that led the user through the world of Sanjay Gupta. We designed a custom feature of filtering the jewellery the user can explore based on their mood or to match their intrinsic style. This replicated the in-store experience of buying jewellery according to their needs and current design inclinations. The content was also hidden under ornate ‘read more’ buttons to offer a more visual experience but also give the user the choice to learn more about the art of jewellery making.


Rachana Kari

Sakshi Kedia

Amish Singh


Anutosh Chaudhuri - UI / UX Developer

Information Architecture


UI / UX Design

SEO Content Writing

Content Creation