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Year of Completion :


As a knowledge management company, Hubler enhances both interpersonal and intrapersonal skills in today's technologically driven environment. To best represent the firm's motives and principles, we had to come up with a name, branding identity and website design.


To showcase the collaborative nature of the brand, we designed the brand identity in accordance with the company's values. We chose the name Hubler which literally translates ’mind-bold’ to mirror the brand's emphasis on having a bolder mindset, which is essential for an individual's overall development. We made H look like an extended helping hand, to represent the company's supportive and encouraging nature, while the blooming R represents growth in the brand identity. In order to maintain consistency on the web page and to make it appear both approachable and formal, all touch points have the same typeface. The colour Orange was extensively used throughout the design as a symbol of positivity and growth.


Anisha B. Reddy

Eesha Iyer



Brand Identity