Learning through play

Year of Completion :


Mahara was conceived as a preschool where the client wished for a soothing and a safe environment for the toddlers. It was intended that the school be an extension of the home, where children could also enjoy it after school hours. We were tasked with branding and designing collateral like notebooks, uniforms, and posters.


In designing the logo, we kept the Mahara values in mind; joy, learning through play, and trust. A foundation for learning through play was represented in the logo by lego blocks stacked together. As the letters were stacked, they formed the word Mahara, while providing two adults enclosing a child, which is what the school aims to do. To offset the traditional bright colours associated with preschool, the colours were chosen to be soothing. Then we illustrated the notebook covers, where we attached a small surprise to make the story come alive when you join the books. As we go above in years, we progress from underwater to sky.  


Anisha B. Reddy

Laura Rejo

Raashika Bammi


Brand Identity

Brand Collaterals