One Oak

Your heaven on earth

Year of Completion :


A one of its kind project by TAR, One Oak is inspired by the idea of amalgamating trees (one of the most basic elements of nature) with the modern day infrastructure. Being such a well thought of concept, it had to be highlighted subtly in the elements of display. Keeping in line with its concept, we were tasked with their branding as well as designing a brochure that would best reflect the vision of the project.


Keeping the name of the project,- One Oak (A tree), as the backdrop of our brainstorming session we came up with the colours- Brown and green- to be used extensively to highlight the fusion of nature and modern-day infrastructure. Based on the same mindset, we designed the brand identity to resemble the inner linings of a tree. The pattern on the cover of the brochure was designed to give a woody touch. The colour green was used extensively throughout the brochure for design and illustrations to highlight the aspect of nature as a major part of the project.


Anisha B. Reddy

Amish Singh


Brand Identity