With love, from Samantha

With love, from Samantha

Year of Completion :


Samantha Akkineni, a revered actress known for her impeccable style, wanted to give her audience a fashion touch point.  The mission of the brand is to create a range of accessible clothing with simplicity at its core


Along with Spoyl, Saaki - an Indian fusion brand was conceived. Studio 318 has worked on creating the brand identity, strategy and naming for the brand. 

The team first worked on the brand strategy and positioning. After a brand workshop with the stakeholders to chart out the  purpose, vision, values and personality of the brand, we arrived at the following;

  • The brand to be an accessible fashion brand where it resonates with each and every one of its target audience.
  • To build a brand that is honest and consistent with its messaging across all touch points 
  • The brand personality to be an extension of her personality and to offer products that embrace individuality and self expression. 

We then proceeded to do online and offline competitive analysis along with qualitative research which included interviews and surveys across the various tiered cities in South India. The research gave us a full understanding of people's perception of Samantha.

The team coined the name “ Saaki “ as an abbreviation of her name also having a dual meaning of Sakhi - a friend. The visual identity takes its cue from the perceived personality of Samantha which is of a feminine, approachable and an elegant person. This is expressed throughout the identity, from the usage of Cosi Times typeface to the colour palette and graphic language. The sense of approachability is expressed through the openness in the wordmark and the symbol, directly derived from her tattoo, is set within the logotype making the connection more personal to the end user.  A handwritten font is paired with the logotype to establish the individualised connection with Samantha. 

In keeping with the brand personality, a friendly, inviting and engaging tone of voice is communicated throughout in a way that makes the user feel special and empowered.



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