Let’s pay it forward

Year of Completion :


SaasBoomi is a secure and friendly abode for global Saas leaders where they can network, share and learn together. We were tasked with rebranding this vibrant Saas community, a one stop platform where Saas leaders from all over the globe could collaborate and grow collectively.


To get a complete understanding of the essence of SaasBoomi , the team of Studio318 conducted extensive workshops with founders. It got us down to 3 values that drove the spirit of the well knit community of Saas leaders- 1. Pay-it-forward (The core philosophy of the community), 2. Friendliess ( the spirit of helping each other), 3. Uniqueness (the approach of a decentralised community). Keeping the core values intact, we wanted the brand to be more than just a static entity, considering the aura of the platform we gave it a friendly , positive and simple tone with the help of fonts, illustrations and colour hue.

We used Octa neue for its extensive typeface and geometric letters which are easy on eyes and legible in various sizes, this was the single typeface used across all the brand touch points to enhance brand recall and maintain connectivity. The language developed for the illustrations had to depict the friendliness of the community for which we used hand-drawn, rough, and all-humans with cloud-like heads illustrations. The idea behind introducing these illustrations for the brand was to make it more approachable and fun. The diverse colour palette represents the way it embraces many, to become one while the primary colours (white and black) represent the unity and inclusivity of the community. For the brand to reach out as stronger and promising as well as friendly and approachable at the same time we upgraded the older circular shaped logo to a rounded rectangular shaped one. Extending the brand identity to all the verticals, we designed a system that is infused with colours, illustrations, and elements in an attempt to bring new energy and positivity to the brand.


Rachana Kari

Vishnu Mallela

Shaaz Adam

Vinay Pitammpally

Laura Rejo


Website Design