A new age smoothie experience

Year of Completion :


Soho is a new-age, immersive experience much like its physical counterpart in NYC. The brand was born out of love for smoothies that were made with high-quality ingredients and were healthier alternatives to the ones present in a submerged market of fast-moving beverages. The challenge was to arrive at the brand’s market positioning and use that to harbour a distinctive visual representation.


After a thorough examination of the market through on-ground research, interviews, surveys and competitive analysis, we arrived at the brand positioning apt for Soho, identifying its niche in a market submerged with regional and global brands. We took the route to explore the colourful history of SoHo in New York and conjured a brand persona that was as exciting and yet equally unassuming.

Setting our minds free, out on a creative spree in the cobbled streets of this re-imagined artistic community, we discovered uninhibited artistic expressions. The high contrasts that define SoHo are where we found our inspiration. Uncovering the themes of industrial, artsy, futuristic and high-fashion and expressing them through textures, colours and motion, we went on a long-drawn quest. Finally to find it “all in the mix.”

The brand identity was an abstract expression of colours, shapes and compositions. The colour palette being the definitive element and the guiding hand throughout the design process. We then used black, bold lines to denote the three primary categories of protein, daily and detox through structure, repetition and free-form, respectively.

The typeface is slender yet bold, drawing the perfect amount of attention, tying up the simplicity of it all, beautifully.


Rachana Kari

Anisha B. Reddy

Monika Reddy



Brand Strategy

Brand Identity

Packaging Design