Title : Untitled

Experiential Design at Hyderabad Design Week

Year of Completion :


How do you explain what a Design Studio does to the multitude of people walking in and out of a Design Expo? To be able to capture their attention in a way that they’d have a token to remember us by.


Our goal when sharing our work with the public was to have them step into our shoes as a designer and walk a mile to illustrate that everyone can be a designer. Gamifying the design process, we wanted them to design a logo for themselves, a task they did not know about until the very end.

We designed the fun character personas in the form of Iggys as we called them. Each with their own traits and of course, colour. The floor map guided the user while the walls provided visual cues. As they walked through the maze, they were posed with questions and had to make a choice as often a designer finds themselves at such crossroads. Design thinking made accessible. An enjoyable, short experience that helped facilitate the process of self-discovery and in finding the title to their untitled project.


Rachana Kari

Anisha B. Reddy

Sakshi Kedia

Vinay Pittampally

Shaaz Adam

Vishnu Mallela



Mukesh - Printer & Fabricator


Brand Identity System

Character Design

Exhibition Design